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Rebecca Yockey's Sixth Grade Class

We are making great strides in sixth grade!  As students prepare for the increased rigor of Jr. High and High School they need to develop many skills, including: organization, prioritizing, study skills, social skills, healthy habits and responsibility. It is my goal as a teacher to include these skills in with our academic curriculum.  Students also need to practice these habits at home.  Parents are crucial to their children's success in school and life.  If there are any specific needs that your child has, or if I can support you in any way, please feel free to contact me. 


Recent Posts

Weeks of 5/7-11 AND 5/14-18

Oh my goodness! We are in the home stretch!  Let's hold on and finish strong.  For May 7th through 18th, we have a little bit of new and a lot of review.  We will be completing our review packets, which I have moved the due date to May 16th, having a review quiz, various homework assignments, and SAGE on May 17th.
Here is the homework calendar:
Due 5/9: 8.1, pages 358-9 #1-6, 11-21 odd
Due 5/11: 8.2/8.3 (combo lesson) pages 364-5 #1,2,7 & 9 and pages 372-3 #1,2, 7 & 9.
Due 5/15: 8.4, pages 378-9 # 1-3, 7 & 9
Due 5/16: Review packet and fraction review sheet. (Review Quiz Day).
5/17: SAGE-Please be on time, get a good nights sleep and eat breakfast.
5/18: Finish SAGE, class review.

Week of April 23-27th

Homework due 4/24 7.3 pg. 312-313 # 1-9, 11,13,23 &25
Homework due 4/25 Worksheet review (many finished in class)
Homework due 4/26 7.4 pg. 319-320 # 1-3, 7-15 odd
*The above Khan Academy link is the beginning in a series of tutorials on this topice.  Feel free to watch and review as needed, going through as many as necessary to feel confident. 
Homework due 4/27 7.5 pg. 329-330 #1-4, 5-13 odd, 25,27
No homework over the weekend, feel free to review though!
The Chapter 7 Test will be Friday, May 4th.  

The BIG list of math resources-year end review.

Hello Parents and Students,

As part of our review for SAGE and seventh-grade readiness, students will be given a review sheet to do everyday.  If they do not finish these in class (which is okay), they will go home as homework. Naturally, it can be difficult to remember everything from the beginning of the year. So, I am compiling a list of review videos students can watch at their leisure.  I highly encourage parents to have your child watch these, as they probably won’t want to on their own. As an incentive, for every five videos that a student watches they can get a homework pass and a prize! They do need to take good notes and show them to me, in order to qualify. Though most of these are already on my webpage, I thought it may be helpful to have them all in one place.  

So, here it is:

Order of operations:


Prime Factorization:

Multi-digit multiplication and Division:

Distributive Property:

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Decimals:


Fractions (kids needed a lot of help with these):


Rates, Ratios and Percentages:


The Coordinate Plane:

I also recommend that you keep this reference list.  If you have the time, have your student watch these over the summer.  It will give them an advantage as they head into seventh grade, and move forward into Jr. High and High School math.

Best wishes and happy studying!

Mrs. Yockey

Wax Museum Requirements

Name: ___________________________________________________


Book Check Off: March 30  Report Due Date: May 10    Presentation date: May 15


Choose a person who has made positive contributions to the world in some way. On May 15, 2018 we will be hosting a Wax Museum and you will be portraying this important person. Here is what you will need to complete:

  • Book Report: Rough Draft Due May 3rd  Final Draft Due May 10 -This will be submitted in LA classes and will count as your book report for 4th quarter.
  • Short 3-4 sentence memorized speech (monologue) which explains who you are and why you are important. Due May 7th in LA Classes
  • Backdrop pictures. Due May 7th in Science/Advisory Classes
  • Costume to dress up as your person (gathered at home)


You will obtain most of your research from your approved book but you will be expected to find a little more from a second source. You will be required to submit a bibliography page with your report, so you must keep track of your resources. Be sure you do not plagiarize anything from your sources. In other words, put everything into your own words, no copying, and make sure to give the resource credit in your bibliography. The websites and are excellent resources for writing bibliographies.

Bibliography Requirements:

  • A bibliography page citing your resources (Website addresses need to be cited exactly, not just “internet” or “Google”.)
  • At least two resources (your approved book plus one other)

THE PERSON I HAVE CHOSEN TO BE IN THE WAX MUSEUM IS: _____________________________________________

The positive contribution they have made to the world is: _________________________________________________



You Must Have:

  • Introduction Paragraph: Include the main accomplishments of your figure (why is he/she important?)
  • Several paragraphs on the life of your figure (write it in chronological order and include the accomplishments already mentioned in the introduction)
  • Interesting facts paragraph (sentences, not bullet points)
  • Bibliography (separate page)
  • Typed copy - Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond - 12 pt font
  • Cover page:
    • Typed name of the person centered at the top of the page (any font).
    • Your name underneath the person’s name.
    • Picture (single or collage, color or black/white) of the person


You Must Have:

  • Printed copy of your report, with cover
  • Dressed as your person
  • Backdrop pictures
  • Prepared and memorized speech about the person you have become (in first person)
  • A great attitude! :)


  • Book reports are not accepted late
  • Final projects will be graded in Language Arts and Theater
  • Participation in the Wax Museum is required to receive full credit

Math Week of 4/16-4/20 +Tutorial Videos

Work hard, play hard!!!  We have A LOT to do before the end of the year, and we are working toward earning a BIG class party in May!  
We will have homework on most weeknight, aside from those students that finish at school.  Students are coming home with review packets on Tuesday.  These packets will be used as starters.  But, they also have a due date and anything that is not completed at school will become homework.
Here is the schedule for this week:
Homework due Tuesday: 7.1 Page 298-9 #1-3,7-17 odd, 14 & 16
Homework due Wednesday: 7.2 Page 305-306 # 1-5, 7,9,11 & 19-23odd.
+any unfinished packet work. 
Homework Due Thursday: Packet Work
Homework Due Friday 4/20: 7.3 Page 312-313 #1-6, 7-13 odd, & 23
Weekend: No Homework
Below are some helpful tutorial videos for this chapter:

Chapter 4 Test Support

The test is Friday 3/30/2018.  This is right before Spring Break and students that are absent may take the test when they return.  Have a fun break! No homework for the break.

Khan Academy and Prodigy Accounts

Make sure your student has signed up for, and is regularly using Khan Academy and Prodigy.  These are free resources to help your child with math, and students can earn prizes by doing them.  
Khan Academy class code: P4NK52
Prodigy class code: 74371C

L.A. Grammar Contest

Acceptable Grammar Terms for Contest/Pass Off

You must include the rules and fill in all four boxes.

Rules for (choose one):




Quotation Marks

Numbers (in writing)



Common and Proper Nouns

Concrete and Abstract Nouns

Plural Nouns



Action, Linking, & Helping

Predicate Nominatives and Predicate Adjectives

Verbs, tense

Infinitives and Participles

Direct and Indirect


Prepositional Phrases

Adverb and Adjective Phrases




Coordinating Conjunctions

Correlative Conjunctions



Subject & Predicates

Simple and Compound Sentences

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Sentence Fragments

Sentence Run-Ons

List of Math Contest Vocabulary Words




bar graph


composite number

cubic units





line segment

number line

ordered pair




prime number





right angle


square units


three-dimensional figure



two-dimensional figure

whole numbers





base (of a power) pg. 12

common factors pg.32

common multiples pg.38

evaluate (a numerical expression) pg. 18

exponent pg.12

factor pair pg.26

factor tree pg.26

greatest common factor (GCF) pg.32

least common denominator (LCD) pg.42

least common multiple (LCM) pg.38

numerical expression pg.18

order of operations pg.18

perfect square pg.13

power pg.12

prime factorization pg.26

Venn diagram pg.30

Multiplicative Inverse Property pg.

reciprocals pg.64

Addition Property of Zero

algebraic expression pg.112

Associative Properties of Addition and Multiplication

coefficient pg. 112

Commutative Properties of Addition and Multiplication

constant pg.112

Distributive Property

equivalent expressions pg.128

factoring an expression like terms pg.140

Multiplication Properties of Zero and One

terms (of an algebraic expression) pg.136

variable pg. 112

composite figure pg. 172

polygon pg. 152

conversion factor pg. 234

equivalent rates pg. 206

equivalent ratios pg. 198

metric system pg. 234

percent pg.220

rate pg.206

ratio pg. 192

ratio table pg. 198

unit analysis pg. 234

unit rate pg. 206

U.S. customary system pg. 234

absolute value pg. 270

coordinate plane pg. 276

integers pg.250

negative numbers pg. 250

opposites pg.250

origin pg. 276

positive numbers pg. 250

quadrants pg. 276

Addition Property of Equality

Addition Property of Inequality

dependent variable pg.316

Division Property of Equality

Division Property of Inequality

equation pg.296

equation in two variables pg. 316

graph of an inequality pg.328

independent variable pg.316

inequality pg.326

inverse operations pg.303

Multiplication Property of Equality

Multiplication Property of Inequality

Multiplicative Inverse


solution (of an equation)

solution of an equation in two variables

solution of an inequality solution set

Subtraction Property of Equality

Subtraction Property of Inequality








surface area

vertex (of a solid)


first quartile ( ) 1 Q

interquartile range


mean absolute deviation

measure of center

measure of variation




range (of a data set)

statistical question


third quartile ( )3


box-and-whisker plot

five-number summary


frequency table

histogram leaf

skewed left

skewed right


stem-and-leaf plot

symmetric (distribution)

Study Guide Greek/Latin Test 4 (3/30/18)

Greek and Latin Roots Study Guide #4


metri,meter-         measure

min                       small

mit, miss                    send

mob, mot, mov-         move

mon                      warn

mor, mort              death

morph-            form,structure

mut                    change

neuro                 nerve

nomen /nomin            name

nov                   new

Nym,onym             wordname

ortho-                   straight,correct

Pac                        peace

pater                          father

path                            feeling

ped, pod                         foot

pel, puls                          push

pend                                hang,weigh

phon-, phono-                    sound, voice

plan                                  flat

pneum                                     lung

Pod                                           feet

port                                        carry

Pot                                        power

Psych-                          soul, spirit, mind

Pugna                             fight

Welcome to sixth grade!  I am excited to have you in my class.  This year we will have many learning adventures together.