Dec. 5-9

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in Math class, we will be studying Multiplying by 2 digit numbers, the Associative property, how to name and identify lines and segments, and relating multiplication and division.
The homework assignments will be as follows:
Mon. Lesson #44 -- Multiplying 2-digit numbers
Tues. Lesson #45 -- Parentheses, the Associative Property, naming lines and Segments
Wed. Lesson #46 -- Relating Multiplication and Division Part 1
Thurs. Lesson #47 -- Relating Multiplication and Division Part 2
Friday: Task Day
It is so important to have your student show a parent their homework.  Parents should look over student's work to determine that they are showing their work and seem to be understanding the problems.  Sometimes studen's will try to do problems in their head and just show the answer.  it is imperative that students show how they did the problem, so that when a student misses a problem we as teachers can look to see where the error in thinking has happened.  Then we can work with your student to reteach the concept.
Thank you for all your support of your students in their Math education.
Mrs. Romriell