Dec. 5-9

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in 4th grade we will continue our study of Rocks, Minerals, and the Rock Cycle. Students will be preparing study guides for the Science test that will happen the week of Dec 12-15.  We will also continue our study of the 5 Native American Tribes that live in Utah today, by studying each tribe's history, culture, and future in Utah.
A tradition in my classroom over the last 5 years has been to challenge the students to read 400 books over the course of the year as a class.  To celebrate this accomplishment we have a "Book Celebration Party at the end of the year, where each student receives a book to take home.  I will be sending home a Scholastic Book Order that will be due by Dec. 9th.  This book order needs to be turned in by Dec. 12, so that we can ensure shipping to the school before our Holiday break.  Participating once over the year in a book order from our class helps me to be able to provide each student with a book of their own to take home at the end of our year Book Celebration. We will have at least three more Scholastic Book order forms that will go home this year, so there is still plenty of time to participate if you would like to do so,
Our Poem for the Month is December by Aileen Fisher.  Students have been given their copy last week.  It will be due on Dec 19th. and student's will recite it for the class that day.
Book reports for the month are based on a Poetry Book.  The Book report is a simple one since the month is short. As usual, the reports are assigned by your student's L.A. teacher,
Also, just a reminder that the end of the 2nd quarter is Dec. 21.  Encourage your student to check with their teachers and make sure they are caught up on any missing work or homework assignments,  
If you have any issues or questions, please contact me.
Mrs. Romriell