Nov. 28 - Dec 2

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in L.A. there will be Spelling Homework on Monday.  Grammar homework will come home on Mon. through Thurs.  There will be a Spelling, Grammar, and Comprehension Test on Friday.  
Book Reports are due on Nov. 30th.  Presentation will be performed in class the following week.
This week students are showing their informational text writing by showing the class a demonstration on how to do "something they are an expert at doing"  Students performances have been great!
Students will be required to finish their Utah Compose essay by the end of the week.  If they have not finished it on Thurs,, The day we have the computers in my classroom, they will be required to finish it at home.  Our goal for this first essay is to score at least threes in each category.
Thank you,
Mrs. Romriell