Nov. 14-18

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in L.A. we will have Spelling homework on Monday and Grammar Homework on Mon. through Thurs.  We will have a Spelling Test, and Comprehension Test on Friday. 
This week in L.A. we are working on identifying Text Structure in informational text.  Students are working with 5 different types of Text Structures: Description, Cause and Effect, Problem and Solution, Compare and Contrast, and Sequence. 
We are identifying the different types of structure that authors use when creating informational text.  
We will be finishing typing in our "How Tom Changed Over Time" essays in Utah Compose.  Our goal is to get a "3" on all of the graded portions of the essay.  If students do not finish typing in their essay, it will be homework.  Students can also continue to work on editing their essay until they receive the desired results.
Mrs. Romriell