Week of Apr. 16 20

Dear Parents and Students,
Next week we will begin Sage testing at Summit Academy.  To not overwhelm our students, they will only be taking one test per week.  These tests help determine growth that your student has achieved aver the year in 4th grade.  We will begin testing at 8:30 so please make sure your students are here on time each day.   
This week in Home Room we will be continuing our study of Utah's Environments, Plants and Animals.  We will be classifying Utah's native trees and creating posters in groups about Utah's wetlands, forests and desert environments.
We will also be continuing our Pioneer experience with Week 13 on the trail to Utah.  Students are beginning to wonder if they will have enough supplies to survive the trip and if they will ever get to the Great Salt Lake area.
Spring Picture Day is coming up on Wed April 25.  if you would like your student to have pictures taken that day they will need to have the form returned with payment to the school that day. 
As a heads up, we have another Field Trip this year.  It will be on Tues. May 8th from 11:00 to 1:30 at the Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant. We will be eating lunch when we arrive at the facility, so you can have a lunch with you if you would like to eat with us. 
This field trip requires us to fill out a security form for all chaperones attending that day.  If you would like to attend this event please email me and I will send an email to you with the required information needed. Parents will also need to drive themselves to the facility and meet us there. 
Thanks you for the continued support of your student.  As the year winds down, there are many important concepts we are teaching your students and their attendance is extremely important as we prepare them to move on to 5th grade.  
Mrs. Romriell