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Welcome back to Summit Academy

Dear Parents,
The first two weeks of have gone by so quickly.  We have had a great start to the year, and your students have been so  wonderful to work with.
Here are a few updates for you:
1. The genre for the September book report is going to Fantasy.  Students will be working on the book report in class.  Please help your student to pick a Fantasy themed book of 100 pages or longer and have it at school by Wed. Sept 4th, so I can check it off.  We will begin working on the book reports in class the week of Sept. 17th and finish by the end of the month. 
2.  Please make sure that you have returned the forms that were passed out a Back to School Night or sent home with your student if you were unable to attend.  
3.  Math homework will be given on some nights of the week, but not all.  It depends on how long it takes the class to get through each lesson.  I will send a quick email home on the nights students have homework, so you are aware that they should have their Math book with them that evening. 
4.  At this point the only L.A. homework that will be sent home are spelling practice lists.  I will also send an email letting you know the day of the Spelling test, as this may also vary this year.
We have been studying the Water Cycle in Science and the Geography of Utah in History.  I use Science and History journals in my classroom, so you won't see many items coming home for these subjects, but can look at your student's work at Parent Teacher Cinferences and check their grades on line.   
Please email if you have any questions or concerns.  It is going to be an incredible year, and I am looking forward to sharing it with your student. 
Mrs. Romriell 

Week of Apr. 16 20

Dear Parents and Students,
Next week we will begin Sage testing at Summit Academy.  To not overwhelm our students, they will only be taking one test per week.  These tests help determine growth that your student has achieved aver the year in 4th grade.  We will begin testing at 8:30 so please make sure your students are here on time each day.   
This week in Home Room we will be continuing our study of Utah's Environments, Plants and Animals.  We will be classifying Utah's native trees and creating posters in groups about Utah's wetlands, forests and desert environments.
We will also be continuing our Pioneer experience with Week 13 on the trail to Utah.  Students are beginning to wonder if they will have enough supplies to survive the trip and if they will ever get to the Great Salt Lake area.
Spring Picture Day is coming up on Wed April 25.  if you would like your student to have pictures taken that day they will need to have the form returned with payment to the school that day. 
As a heads up, we have another Field Trip this year.  It will be on Tues. May 8th from 11:00 to 1:30 at the Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant. We will be eating lunch when we arrive at the facility, so you can have a lunch with you if you would like to eat with us. 
This field trip requires us to fill out a security form for all chaperones attending that day.  If you would like to attend this event please email me and I will send an email to you with the required information needed. Parents will also need to drive themselves to the facility and meet us there. 
Thanks you for the continued support of your student.  As the year winds down, there are many important concepts we are teaching your students and their attendance is extremely important as we prepare them to move on to 5th grade.  
Mrs. Romriell

Dec. 11 - 15

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in L.A. we will continue our study of metaphors.  Students will be looking for examples of metaphors in their reading this week.
Students homework will be Spelling on Mon. and Grammar assignments Mon. - Thurs.    
This Friday will be the last tests for the quarter.  Please check your students grades as quarter ends on our last day before the break, Dec. 20th.  All make-up assignments and tests must be completed by Friday the 15th.  
Students will be sharing their opinion essays in small groups this week.  They all worked so hard to complete this assignment, that it will be great to share their work with each other.
Book Reports are due on Dec. 18th.  Students should be prepared to share one of their favorite poems from the book.
Mrs. Romriell
Mrs. Romriell   

Week of Dec. 4 - Dec. 8

Dear Parents and Students,
This week we have a wonderful experience planned for your students.  We have a visit from the Loveland Aquarium on Wed. Dec 6th.  We will be in Homeroom classes all day, so there will not be L.A. or Math that day for your student.
This week in Science we will continue our study of Rocks and Minerals and delve into understanding the Rock Cycle.  Students will run an experiment to determine what type of mineral they have been given to study.  
In history we will continue our study of the Native American tribes in Utah.  
I am sending home scholastic book catalogs on Mon. Dec. 4.  If you order for your student online by Friday the 8th, then we can get the books here before the Holiday break. If these are gift books for your student please email me and I will not give them out, but hold them for you until you can come by to pick them up.   
Just a reminder that the end of the quarter is Dec. 20.  Please check your student's grades and make sure that they take the extra effort to catch up on missing work.  
Thank you,
Mrs. Romriell

Week of Nov. 13-17

Congratulations to our speech Festival Finalists.  They are:
Jud Heaton in Oratory
Guy Harris in Drama
Hadley Jensen in Drama
These students will compete in the Speech Festival Finals on Wed. Nov. 15 at 10:00 a.m. in the auditorium.  
This week we also have the Mountain Man Rendezvous. On Tuesday, students will get to go listen to a real Mountain Man talk about his life and what makes it so different their lives.  Then after lunch students will participate in our annual Mountain Man Rendezvous.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Vriens and Mrs. Heemeyer for heading up this event and all the parents who have donated their time to help make this a memorable day for your students.
This week we will continue our study of Native American Tribes in Utah by studying the Navajo and create sand paintings.  We will also begin our study of Rocks and Minerals for the next Science Unit.  
This week is College Week at Summit Academy and there will be information coming home on Monday that will let you know how your student can participate in this week long event.  
Please contact me with any questions about this upcoming week.
Loree Romriell

Oct. 30-Nov. 3

Dear Parents and Students,
Book Reports are due on Monday.  Students will be presenting their reports to the class during this week.  Next month's book report is to be a Biography.  Students will receive their book report this week, and as usual I will put the book report on my webpage so it is available to print off if necessary.  
This week in L.A. we will have Spelling HW on Monday and Grammar HW on Mon-Wed.  Thursday students will begin writing their opinion essays and start typing them into Utah Compose the following week.  
Students are now in their new Lit Circle groups and have started reading the book for this Unit.  We are finishing up our Unit in Grammar on Nouns and next week will move on to verbs.  Please ask your student about their new novel and what they think about it so far.
Thank you,
Mrs. Romriell

Oct. 23-27

Dear Parents and Students,
We have finished our study of place value and your students did very well on their final test.  It has taken a bit of time to get used to this new method of thinking about math.  Instead of just memorizing ways to solve problems, students must be able to explain why their answer is reasonable and the way that they chose to solve the problem.  I believe we are all on our way to greater understanding of math.  
This week in Math we will be focusing on Multiplying by 1 digit numbers.  Students will be making connections to comparing amounts when one amount is a certain number of times greater than another amount, and how this helps us solve comparison problems in math. 
Students should have math homework each evening this week.  We need to catch up a bit after spending extra time going over prerequisite skills that your students needed to understand before moving on to the next chapter. 
If you have questions about your students math please contact me.
Mrs. Romriell 

Oct. 23-27

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in L.A. students will begin presenting a project of their choice on "The Great Brain" book we have just finished for our Lit. Circle groups.  These projects will be presented a few a day so we will be able to continue our regular studies.  Students will also make choices for their next Lit Circle book. The theme for the books this round is survival.   
Students will type in a personal narrative essay to Utah compose.  Students are allowed to correct and edit this essay as many times as they would like.  Our Goal is to get a grade of two 5's and the rest 4's on this essay.   This will be graded as a test. Students can complete finish editing any time during the week at home.  
We will begin our work on Opinion Essays this week and will begin writing those by next week.  
We will have a Spelling, Grammar, and Reading Test this Friday.  
Mrs. Romriell

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to 4th grade!  This year has so many opportunities for growth for your student and the 4th grade teachers are so excited to begin the journey.  
Meeting your students on Monday and getting to know them this week has been great.  We have begun the year in such a positive way that I am so excited for the upcoming year.
4th grade students met with their Math teachers on Thursday and will be meeting their L.A. teachers on Monday the 28.  
Back to School Night on Sept. 28 at 6:30 is set up in an open house style and we are looking forward to meeting with you and giving you more information on our grade and what is expected of your student this year.  Each teacher will have a sign-up sheet for opportunities to volunteer in your student's classroom activities, upcoming field trips, etc.  
In Homeroom this week students will be studying about Water and the Water Cycle.  In History we will begin on basic geography of Utah.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Romriell 

Jan 9-13

Dear Parents and Students,
This week we have an exciting Field Trip to the Museum of Natural History.  This visit will take place on Wed. Jan 11th.  Students and teachers will leave on buses at 9:15, so make sure you aren't late!. parents who will be chaperoning a group of students around the museum will meet us at the museum by 9:50.  We will be greeted by staff who will give us instructions and then we will be off to explore.  We will eat lunch at the museum and return to the school by about 12:30 to 12:45, (depending on weather etc).  Students must return home on the bus.  Thank you so much for the parents that have volunteered.  If you would still like to come just email me and our student groups can be a bit smaller.  
This week we will also have our School Spelling Bee on Tue. Jan 10 at 10:00 in the auditorium.  The 8 finalists, two from each 4th grade class will be participating on Tues.
This Friday we are also having our 4th grade class auctions. Students have been earning "bucks" for excellent work, turning in items on time, good behavior, etc.  There is a flyer coming home, so please read with your students.  If you have any questions, please email me.  
It is nice to get back to school and my wonderful class.  They are the best!!!!
Mrs. Romriell

Jan. 3-6

Dear Parents and Students,
We have a very exciting and full January.  What a great way to start the New Year and the third quarter of school.  January will include a field trip, spelling bee, Literacy Night and MAPS testing.  
The Spelling Bee will be held on January 10 at 10 a.m. in the Jr. high auditorium.  Class and grade spelling bees will be held during the week before to determine who will go on to the finals.  Copies of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade lists will come home with your student on Tues.  Unlike other years these are just study lists.  The words on them may or may not be part of the spelling bee.  You can also find the lists on the 3rd and 4th grade websites.  I am having difficulty adding attachments right now, so please check the other teacher's websites for the lists.  
The 4th grade is also taking a Field Trip on Wed. Jan. 11th to the Natural History Museum of Utah.  Students will be receiving a permission slip on Tues that must be returned so they can take part in this event.  Each teacher needs 4 to 5 volunteer parents to go on the trip with us.  Parents will need to drive to the museum and meet our classes there.  Please email me is you would like to attend and have a small group of students to explore the museum with you.
Literacy Night will be held on Monday Jan. 23rd, so put it on your calendar. More info will be coming.  Please help your students to record their reading on the snowmen that were given out before the Holiday break.  Our grade has set a goal of 20,000 minutes of reading.  
MAPS tests will be conducted on the week of Jan. 23 - 26,  Students should be extra careful to a get good night's rest to ensure they can do their best work on the tests.  These tests are used by the teachers to determine your students growth so far this year.  
The Poem for the Month of January is "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost.  Students will be given a copy of the poem and it will be on the website soon.
The genre for the monthly book report is Fantasy.  Each L.A. teacher will send home book reports with their students.  
In Science 4th grade will be studying Weathering, Erosion, and Soil this month.  In History we will finish our study of Native Americans and move on to Mountain Men.  
I hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready to get back to the incredible joy of learning!
Mrs. Romriell