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I came to Utah from the Big Sky State. It is there that I finished my rather long journey through higher education. I attended a few universities but finished with a degree in Secondary Ed with majors in History and Social Studies. There I served on the Montana Board of Regents, the Board of Public Education, and worked with the 2008-2009 Montana state legislature. After graduating in 2010, I began teaching/coaching in the public education system, first in Montana then in Utah.

I believe in the positive influence of education, and that it can change people for the better. I am a mix of old-school and new age, and want to teach "old" methods of research along side all of the new technologies that we rely so much on. I also think that promoting freedom of thought and opinion when dealing with US history is vital to the development of patriotic citizens.

In US History, we will be covering material dealing with Precolonial period to the start of the Reconstruction. We will be striving to understand human behavior and how that behavior lead to the development of the United States. Students will learn about the early struggles and the successes that lead to the Civil War, and how that war unified the country in the end.
In debate we will be working on our speaking skills, not just our arguing skills. We will be reading, writing, and speaking in front of others about all sorts of Utah Junior High debate topics. It is my hope that our students will be well rounded in their ability to argue with their guardians. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email, after which I will happily call or send a response from my classroom.

Mitch Jessen
8th Grade US History and Debate