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Hey guys,
Just a quick couple of words. I want all of you to remember that we will be okay. This country was born in strife and pushing forward in times of hardship is what we do. Americans do our best work when we have a challenge ahead of us. This online period of time could be super fast (2 weeks) or it could be longer, but when you look back on it in your life it will be but a moment. 
During this time take advantage of the educational opportunities. Though they are different than what you are used to your learning should not...can not stop. You will need the continual practice and advancement to be better in high school or next year's classes. 
We are using Canvas. All of you have accessed or have been asked to access Canvas through your Science class, Music class, or others. This is not a new process. Having said that, if you find that you have issues and cannot access it there are other ways to get you the required material. Do not be afraid to ask questions.
In this time of fear, frustrations, and craziness remember Jessen's golden Rules:
1. Don't Suck (Be Smart, Work Hard, Be Uplifting)
2. Don't be a Butthead (Be Polite and Kind to others)
3. Don't TRUST Big Government (Watch them like a hawk, don't be distracted by what they give, see what it takes and gives to itself.)
Below is a link and example of how to connect to Canvas.
You can access all assignments by going to CANVAS HERE
Login: Student email
Password: birthday (YYYYMMDD)
Mitch Jessen
8th Grade US History