Review Questions for Sept. 30th

If your child can answer these questions with confidence by the end of this week, they are in a good place for this week's material. If not, they may need some additional practice.

  1. What is acceleration, and when does it happen?
  2. Why does the softball hit harder than the baseball, even though the baseball is going faster?
  3. If a truck is accelerating at 3 m/s/s, and it weighs 1000 kg, how many Newtons of force will it hit a deer in the road with? Draw a diagram to help you.
  4. What is Friction and when does it happen?


Next week we will have a science fair work day, and we will be learning about Net force and drawing force diagrams and we will be having our unit test on Netwon’s 1st and 2nd laws of motion.