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Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I am Jennifer Wilcox. I am new to Summit this year and am very excited to be part of a fabulous first grade team. Summit Academy is an amazing school! I am so lucky to be part of the faculty! I look forward to getting to know the kiddos and parents. Already there has been such great support - so thanks - and here's to a great year!


Recent Posts

I brought the our carrots and caterpillars home with me for spring break.  I am glad I did! The caterpillars are in their chrysalis' and had to be moved from their jar to the habitat. Our carrots started peeking out of the soil yesterday.  They have grown a lot in just 24 hours.  You can even see their roots. 
I am so proud of my ELA students!  They worked so hard on their Animal Research Project!  Their art and information included in these reports was pretty fantastic for these first graders!
Today we went outside to find plants in different phases of their life cycle.  We found seeds and seed pods and bulbs.  We found pine cones that had already dropped their seeds.  We found some plants still in bloom.  Some plants were still in bloom.  Other plants were at the end of their life cycle.  

Penny Wars

Penny Wars: 9/5-9/8 
Show your support for BYU or the U of U by sending your lose change to school this week and support a good cause!  The Tyler Robinson Foundation helps families cope with pediatric cancer!
Pennies count toward your university, larger coins and bills count against.