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Mrs Johnsons 3rd Grade Class

Hello Parents and Students,
We are working really hard on our Patriotic Play.   The final presentation for the parents is Thursday 23 February at 1:30.    If you have a national costume at home that will fit your child, and you would like your child to wear it, please feel free to send it to school.   
Mrs Johnson


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March Madness

Dear Parents
For March Madness the schools we have been given for our brag board are 1 - UCLA and 2 - University of Kentucky. We are planning and working on the board in class. Please allow and assist your children as they ask to bring things to school for this assignment. It is a great "team building" opportunity for our class and I encourage your support of their willingness to participate.
Thank you
Mrs Youlton

Hi Parents
I am pleased to say that I am finally starting to work on my webpage (Mrs Johnson's old webpage). I apologize for not getting to it sooner, but my priority has been on getting the academic side of things up to speed first. 
I will not promise a constantly up to date webpage, but will try my best to get things up as needed. 
I do want to mention that this week is March Madness. I have never even heard of this but I know the kids are super excited to work on our classes brag board and I am excited to learn more about this event.
Also a reminder for Parent-Teacher Conferences this week. I have a lot of sign ups and am looking forward to chatting to you about your child. Remember, Mrs Johnson will be there as well as all the grades that are being discussed were done while she was still the full time teacher in the classroom. 
Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding during my first month in the classroom. Here's looking forward to seeing it to the end of the year with success.
Kindest regards
Mrs Youlton

Letter to parents - read more minutes

Parents and Students,


We need all our 3rd grade students to read 70 minutes this week end.  If your students has handed in 3 snowmen they can go to the ice cream party.   If we reach our goal for 3rd grade we can have a free dress day!


Please print off this letter if your student has lost theirs.   


Write in the minutes and send back to school for MONDAY!!



Many thanks



Mrs Johnson


Parents the Power Point Presentations (PPT)  for the December Book Report was a huge success.  I will certainly do this again.   Please let me know any comment you may want to make by emailing me at

Update on Speech Festival

The finalists have been chosen please come by the Auditorium in the Junior High and hear the students from 3rd grade compete in the Speech Festival Contest.
From 10:00 - 11:30 am

Speech Festival

Parents, keep helping your student to practice their poem for Speech Festival.   Looking for lots of Melodrama!!    Act out the words, say it with feeling, helps to memorize!
My LA class will recite their poem to me on the 8th of November - this Tuesday!
Good Luck everyone
Mrs Johnson

Speech Festival

Hello Parents
It is 'Speech Festival' time again!  Please help your child select a poem that would take 3 minutes to recite.  Find a poem that your child is excited about and interested in.  Help them to memorize the words, then start working on hand or body actions, soft or loud voice,  pausing,  etc.
The Poem needs to be reviewed by me by Friday 28th October.  My Language Arts Class will recite it to the class on the 8th of November  and then to the homeroom teachers on the 9th of November.   The finalists will go forward to the speech festival  on the 16th of November


Thank you to all the parents that came on our Draper Community Walking Field Trip.   Your help was so appreciated!!     It was a huge success, and the students enjoyed it so much!
Thank you again!
Mrs Johnson and homeroom. 

Box Tops Competition!

Send in as many Box Tops this week!    We are competing against the 2nd grade!    Let's help 3rd grade to win!

Field Trip 19th October

Hello Parents,
Apologies for postponing the field trip but we now have a definite date of 19th October.
I sent a bulk email, but I ran a test with a parent and I know for sure my mail was not delivered.   Sorry the bulk email is not functioning correctly.
If you were a parent helper please let me know if you can still help on the 19th

Date of Field Trip Changed

Our Draper Walking Tour - Field Trip, has now been postponed to 19th October.
We look forward to our trip then and hope all the mother helpers are able to come on the 19th of October.
Many thanks
Mrs Johnson


Dear Parents,

We have had to postpone our field trip - Draper Historical Walk.   The weather forecast is to have rain tomorrow.  The mornings are very cold and rain will not make this a very enjoyable Field Trip.


We have arranged to go on our Field Trip on the 5th of October - same time.


If you have offered to help with the walk, we hope you can join us again and look forward to you visiting with us.


Mrs Johnson

Mrs Youlton Tamarin Youlton
5th grade
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