Nov. 28 - Dec 2

Dear Parents and Students,
This week Book Reports are due in L.A. classes.  Please check with your student to make sure they are prepared to present part of their report in class.  Students will be given a Poem to memorize for Dec.on Wed.  
The Book Report Genre for the month of Dec. is Poetry.  Since Dec is a shorter month, this book report is only one page long and will not take too much time in this very busy month.  Students should choose a book of poetry that they enjoy to use for this assignment. 
In Science we are studying  about Metamorphic rocks this week.  Students will learn how Metamorphic Rocks are created in the Rock Cycle.
In History we are finishing up our study of the Goshute Tribe and are moving on to the Shoshone Tribe.
Please encourage your students to check with their teachers for missing or late work.  The end of the quarter is on Dec 21.
Thank you for all the encouragement you give your students,
Loree Romriell