Nov. 7-11

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in Math we will have Homework on Mon. through Wed.  There is no school on Friday, so we will not have Homework on Thurs.  
Mon.  Lesson #36 -- Fractions of a Dollar
Tues. Lesson #37 -- Reading Fraction and Mixed Numbers from a Number Line
Wed. Lesson #38 -- Multiplication Facts (Memory Group)
Thurs. Test #6 --(covers materials through Lesson #35)
Please check your student's Math homework before they return to school each day.  This gives you the opportunity to talk about math class with your student, and help them to recognize where they may be going wrong on a problem.  
Students will becoming more dependant on Multiplication Facts they have memorized as the year progresses.  Practicing those facts to help your student commit them to memory will increase your students success in Math class, and also help with math self-esteem as we proceed through the year.
Thank you for your support
Mrs. Romriell