Nov. 7 - 11

Dear Parents and Students,
This week there will be no Spelling homework assignment or test, as we have a short week and Speech Festival competition that will be held during one of our L.A. class times.  We will still have Grammar Homework on Mon. through Wed.  
We will be working on student's informational  writing that they will be presenting to the class. The assignment is to create an informational piece of writing about something that they are an expert at doing.  They are to write the instructions in clear and precise writing and then they will present to the class.  Students can present using a poster, power point, video, or other creative way.  Students with other interesting ideas as to how to present their informational writing to the class can speak to me about it and we will hopefully be able to accommodate their plan.
On Thurs. student's will be assigned a 5 paragraph essay on Utah Compose for the first time this year. Students have been preparing for this writing assignment in class with a graphic organizer and then then writing the essay. Utah Compose is a computer writing program that can help students improve their writing skills by editing and revising their writing.  Most of this work will be done in class, but if students need more time they will be able to use the same user name and password at home by going to the website.  I will send a letter with the necessary information for the students to log on at home.
Students are really enjoying their new Lit Circle books  Take a minute and ask them about it. 
Thanks for sharing such amazing writer and thinkers with me!
Mrs. Romriell