Oct. 30-Nov. 3

Dear Parents and Students,
Book Reports are due on Monday.  Students will be presenting their reports to the class during this week.  Next month's book report is to be a Biography.  Students will receive their book report this week, and as usual I will put the book report on my webpage so it is available to print off if necessary.  
This week in L.A. we will have Spelling HW on Monday and Grammar HW on Mon-Wed.  Thursday students will begin writing their opinion essays and start typing them into Utah Compose the following week.  
Students are now in their new Lit Circle groups and have started reading the book for this Unit.  We are finishing up our Unit in Grammar on Nouns and next week will move on to verbs.  Please ask your student about their new novel and what they think about it so far.
Thank you,
Mrs. Romriell