Oct. 23-27

Dear Parents and Students,
We have finished our study of place value and your students did very well on their final test.  It has taken a bit of time to get used to this new method of thinking about math.  Instead of just memorizing ways to solve problems, students must be able to explain why their answer is reasonable and the way that they chose to solve the problem.  I believe we are all on our way to greater understanding of math.  
This week in Math we will be focusing on Multiplying by 1 digit numbers.  Students will be making connections to comparing amounts when one amount is a certain number of times greater than another amount, and how this helps us solve comparison problems in math. 
Students should have math homework each evening this week.  We need to catch up a bit after spending extra time going over prerequisite skills that your students needed to understand before moving on to the next chapter. 
If you have questions about your students math please contact me.
Mrs. Romriell