Oct. 23-27

Dear Parents and Students,
This week in L.A. students will begin presenting a project of their choice on "The Great Brain" book we have just finished for our Lit. Circle groups.  These projects will be presented a few a day so we will be able to continue our regular studies.  Students will also make choices for their next Lit Circle book. The theme for the books this round is survival.   
Students will type in a personal narrative essay to Utah compose.  Students are allowed to correct and edit this essay as many times as they would like.  Our Goal is to get a grade of two 5's and the rest 4's on this essay.   This will be graded as a test. Students can complete finish editing any time during the week at home.  
We will begin our work on Opinion Essays this week and will begin writing those by next week.  
We will have a Spelling, Grammar, and Reading Test this Friday.  
Mrs. Romriell