Review Questions for Nov. 18th

If your child can answer these questions with confidence by the end of this week, they are in a good place for this week’s material. If not, they may need some additional practice.

  1. Is your Science fair Project almost done? It’s due on Monday, Dec. 2nd!
  2. When do objects attract, and when do they repel?
  3. What are the parts of atoms, and what charges do they have?
  4. Why does rubbing make some objects have charges?
  5. What is a conductor and insulator, and what charge do they have when they are rubbed?
  6. What is polarity, and how does the fact that water is polar explain a lot the stickiness we saw it have last week?
  7. If you rub your hair with a PVC pipe, what charge does the PVC pip have, and that charge does your hair have? Why does your hair stand up?

Next week will be starting Magnetism! Make sure Science Fair Projects are finished!