Review Questions for November 4th

If your child can answer these questions with confidence by the end of this week, they are in a good place for this week’s material. If not, they may need some additional practice.

  1. Is your Science fair Outline almost finished? It’s due on Tuesday, and CUSF paperwork needs to be done for projects with experiments.
  2. What is the difference between mass and weight?
  3. Do bigger objects have more gravity? What evidence from the gravity trampoline tells you that the mass what matters, not the size?
  4. If a space ship is in between two planets (A and B) that have the same mass, and the space ship is closer to planet B, which planet will it be pulled to with the most force? Why?
  5. Why does the Earth orbit instead of falling into the Sun?
  6. What causes orbits to decay?
Next week, we will check off the science fair outline, and we have the Gravity performance task on  Tuesday. Our next topic will be about Electricity and magnetism.