Review Questions for Oct 28th

If your child can answer these questions with confidence by the end of this week, they are in a good place for this week's material. If not, they may need some additional practice.

  1. Is your Science Fair Research Note matrix done?
  2. Did you turn in your astronaut protection packet?’
  3. How do stars form and what are the steps you learned about with the dust, and the disk, and the planets?
  4. Why is gravity different on the Moon?
  5. What is the difference between Mass and Weight?
  6. Out of scales, spring scales, balances, and triple beam balances, which tools measure weight, and which ones measure mass?
  7. Is mass or weight different on the Moon? Why is one less, but the other is the same?
  8. How does gravity act during star and planet formation?

Next week, we will be doing several really cool labs and simulations to help us understand gravity better.