Review Questions for Oct 21st.

Sorry these are so late!

If your child can answer these questions with confidence by the end of this week, they are in a good place for this week's material. If not, they may need some additional practice.

  1. Is your Science Fair Research Note matrix done?
  2. What are action and reaction forces?
  3. Tell me about Gene Cearnen the Astronaut that was having problems during his space walk.
  4. How did the scooter lab help you understand action and reaction forces?
  5. Since you couldn’t cover the astronaut during your protect the astronaut design challenge, how did you keep him from coming out of the cup when he hit the ground?
  6. Draw a force diagram for the golf ball and the ground. Which force is the action, and which force is the reaction when they hit?
  7. Did you do your action reaction practice problems?

Next week we have our Newton’s 3rd law performance task and we will be learning about Gravity!