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We are accepting registration applications for grades K-8 for the 2018-2019 school year.

Welcome & Coaching Morsels

The 2018-2019 school year will be my eleventh year at Summit Academy.  I am very excited to continue as an instructional coach with amazing colleagues at Draper and Bluffdale.  I am a graduate of Westminster College where I earned an Honors degree in English and Spanish. I love traveling, snow skiing, reading, playing softball, and camping.
Personal Coaching Mission Statement: My focus is the same as the teachers'.  I support teachers and administration reach high levels of learning for every student.

Personal Teaching Mission Statement: I teach young people to better understand, communicate, and connect with language; while meeting individual students' needs. I do this through the use of authentic modeling, relevant examples, and differentiated practice.
professional development information.
Teacher Resource Handbook
You will find information about the Draper Campus and many of our systems in this document. Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Link to Summit Academy Google Doc.
Don't forget to sign up for the Edivate STEM Incentives Program. Deadline to sign up: Sept. 15, 2017 
Go to the Edivate group: Summit Academy Incentive Program 17-18. Then complete the first Task to get started. Details can be found in the document below:

Recent Posts

Fall Professional Development Opportunities

1. Online professional development opportunities available through Utah Education NetworkProfessional Development.
- Additional opportunities should be easier to search when the State has their now tracking system online.
2. The Utah Council of the International Reading Association Annual Conference is October 27-28 at Weber State University. Here’s the website:
Please talk to your team lead about the process for requesting professional development that will require you to miss school. 

Official Invitation: We Need Your Help!

Is there a teacher (or teachers) you admire that you’d like to nominate for a video? Let me (and them) know you’ve seen their great teaching! Let’s share the love. 

This is your official invitation!

Who: You (Yes, you!)

What:  We need videos of your teaching to share with the others in the Summit Academy community.

(These can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes in length.)

When:  Today, tomorrow, next week, anytime.  I’d love to record or help you set up your recording, of something that you are really excited about or at least willing to share with others in our Summit Academy community.

Do you have a really great routine for starting your class?

Do your students do well with a specific instructional strategy?

Do you have a lesson coming up that you absolutely love?

Where: Your Classroom

Why: We are building a video exchange for all of the Summit Academy campuses. Join use at Summit Academy Exchange on Edivate.

You will help us build our professional community, increase collaboration among our colleagues, and show off a little.

How: Record with your device, or I will come and set up a Swivl. I can start it for you, or we can do a quick training.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Summit Academy Teaching Library - Draper

Teachers, you have resources at your fingertips!
Come and visit the teaching library started in the Coaching office at the Junior High. See the link the titles available before you drop by.  
The general school library also has a substantial collection of teacher resources. Have a look during library time or on your prep!

Capture Your Learning!

Thanks to the STEM Action Center Professional Learning Grant we now have Swivl robots available for teachers to begin capturing their teaching. You can learn from your own teacher and/or share with your colleagues.

Teacher testimonials:

"Using the Swivls has been a very easy and much improved method of recording teaching in the classroom.  The app has a quick walk-through which gives a quick concise idea of what it is capable of. Set-up took no longer than a minute and I was ready to roll. I love being able to start the recording by pressing the button on the device around your neck. It is a very unobtrusive way to start a recording without the students' attention going to the recording device. This gives you a very natural start and finish to your videos that get right to the teaching moment. Definitely worth giving it a try!" - Alan Larson, Draper Music Teacher

Please see attached instructions.