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Alana Johnson » Engagement Strategies

Engagement Strategies

Check here for resources that will accompany November 10th's Professional Development Day breakout session presented by Alana Johnson, Brent Van Tassell, and Cheryl Van Tassell. 
Objective: Teachers will discuss the impact of student engagement in the classroom - including behavior.  Teachers will leave with strategies they can add to their "teaching toolbox".
We engage our student in active learning through a variety of opportunities to respond. Here's what is working in classrooms across Summit Academy Schools:
Partner Share, Think-Pair-Share, Choral Response, Gallery Walk, Create Rap for Response, Exit Ticket, Metacognitive "Think Aloud", Songs, Choral Response "Think....Answer....", Whisper to a Partner, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Speed Dating
Rating with Smiley Faces, Personal Whiteboards, Interactive Notes, Groups (including different levels of understanding where students teach themselves), Summarize and Turn In, "Give One, Get One", Graffiti Wall Responses, Power Writing, Stop and Jot, Create Your Own Sentence, "I think, I feel, I learned", RAFT writing, Question to the Class, Sticky Notes, KWL, Homework
Stand and Sit, Thumbs Up/Down for Understanding, High Fives, Ball Toss, Clap If Correct, Student Point to Task, Vote with Your Feet, Value Line Up, Total Physical Response, Rate with Fingers, Manipulatives, White Boards, Simon Says with Vocab, Four Corners, Colored Blocks to Vote
Quizlet, Nearpod, Big Ideas Online Assignments, Prodigy, Utah Compose, Khan Academy, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Duo Lingo, Fluency on iPad, Pleco, YouTube, Description using Media, Post on a Blog, "Quick" Phone Research, (Music) Video Creation, Slideshow Presentations
Instructional Strategies Playlists
Access 48 different instructional strategies that will help pinpoint what you're trying to assess with your students. 
Sections include: 
- Movement and Discourse
- Rehearsal and Practice
- Extending Thinking
- Learning from Mistakes
- Evidence of Learning
Instructional Strategies Across Content Areas
Integrating literacy strategies and content-specific material support long-term retention of content knowledge. These strategies are design for teachers teaching grade 4-12.