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Advice from Arizona State University to their math students:
"Did you know...
...that being a “math person” is a myth?
There is no such thing as a “math person.” Is math ability genetic? Sure, to some degree. But to succeed in math, inborn talent is much less important than hard work, preparation, and self-confidence. Anyone can learn math, including College Algebra, Calculus, and beyond, with regular practice and perseverance. The key to success in this course—and your other classes—is persistence. You will succeed in this class if you practice regularly."
I have been fortunate to teach at the Summit Academy Junior High Draper Campus since 2014. Each year brings exciting new discussions, students, and relationships. I have a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelors degree in Interior Design. I bleed blue, but not BYU blue. Go USU! I live in Herriman and my children attend Providence Hall High School. Some of my favorite things are Dr. Pepper, camping, visiting the beach, and reading a book every chance I get.
If you ever have questions or concerns or just want to say "hi", please send me a message! I love hearing from students (current, past, and future), parents, and friends.
Make it a great day!
Ms. Barlow


Zoo Exhibit FAQ


What is the quarter project?

The quarter project is about the costs of maintaining an animal in a zoo exhibit. (A copy of the packet is available on the class webpage if a student has misplaced theirs.)

Does the front page need to be passed off?

No, the front page does not need to be passed off, but it does need to be completed prior to the second page. This is because the work on the second page uses the expressions created on the first page. If the expressions aren't completed first, the solutions on the second page may be incorrect. However, I am willing to review it prior to the student completing their poster or brochure.

Will there be time in class to work on the project?

Honors Classes: November 20th was the "work day" for the project, which was unfortunately timed with the 6th grade field trip. Students will have time in class November 22nd after they complete their concept check for lesson 4.4, but as Friday is a short day, it may not be very much time.

Traditional Classes: We worked in small groups November 21st to complete the first page of expressions. Students will need to complete the remainder of the project at home.

Are there any supplies that students need to pick up?

No, there aren’t any supplies that need to be picked up.

What should the final project look like?

The final project can be a poster or a brochure. Some students have chosen to do the project as a brochure using a brochure template in Google Docs or Word. It is up to the student how they want to present the final product. I do not expect large tri-fold displays or large posters. (I have some construction paper here that they can pick up tomorrow if they would like to use it.)

When is the project due?

The project is due on Tuesday, November 26th. Students may turn it in early for an extra 10 points. Late projects will lose 10 points per school day.

Please email me if you have further questions!

Ms. Barlow