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November Book Report (Biography)

The November Book Report has a special project that each student is required to complete.  Students will prepare one of three projects to present to the class.
Students can dress up as the person in their biography, or the can create photographs and/or illustrations from the person's life or create a time line.

Dear Parents and Students,
The first week of the new school year has come and gone.  It was wonderful to get to know your remarkable students.  Last week your students began their studies in Science and History in their home room classes.  We began our study of science by creating our own small zip-lock bag water cycles.  Ask your students what they have learned about water and the water cycle.  In History, we began our studies of how we describe our place in the world.  
This week your students will be in their L.A. and Math classes.  Students will receive their monthly book report information from their L.A. teacher and it will be due in that class.  Students were able to meet their math teachers and begin math classes last Thurs.  
The school's Spirit Night at Bahama Bucks will be from 3:30 to 6:30 on Thurs. Sept 1.  
I hope your students have had a wonderful first week of 4th grade and are excited for all the new experiences and learning that will be taking place this year.
Mrs. Romriell