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Congratulations to the 2019-20 Outstanding Junior High Falcons

As the 2019-2020 school year concludes, the staff and administration at Summit would like to congratulate our student body on successfully reaching the end of a one of a kind year.

Today we want to highlight some students who have received end of year awards in out junior high.

First, we would like to congratulate the following students for their excellent academic achievements, earning a 4.0 for the 2019-2020 school year.

6th Grade: Jackson Hughes

7th Grade: Eli Bethards

8th Grade: Isabella Carmona, Britta Charnholm, Natalie Lawson, Jaden Rogers

Every year two students from each grade are chosen by the teachers to receive the Outstanding Falcon Award. The Outstanding Falcon is a student who exemplifies excellence in all areas of their life. We are proud to present the following students at this year’s Outstanding Falcons.

Outstanding Falcon 8th Grade 2019-2020: Jaden Rogers

Jaden Rogers exemplifies kindness with his peers and teachers. He goes out of his way to help others. He has been a friend to so many who are rejected. He never seeks recognition for his good acts or his outstanding academics. One of his teachers described him as “the most polite, hardworking student I have met in a long time”. He is always looking for ways to improve. He is open to new ideas and new concepts, and is never without a smile! He was described by many of his teachers as an all-around great kid with a heart of gold. Congratulations Jaden, on being an 8th grade Outstanding Falcon for 2019-2020. 

Outstanding Falcon 8th Grade 2019-2020: Britta Charnholm

Britta always has a “can-do” attitude, and is always trying to perform her best, whether it is in academics, athletics, or extracurricular activities. Her teachers admire her positivity and her grace under pressure. Britta goes out of her way to help others. As a HOPE Squad member, Britta has been able to connect with students in and outside of her friend group and has been able to get them the help they need. She repeatedly went out of her way to help classmates who were struggling throughout the year. Britta consistently shows kindness and respect to both her peers and teachers. As a student, she is constantly seeking to improve by asking questions and working hard. She goes above and beyond. Her teachers can’t wait to see what great things she achieves in the future! For these reasons, Britta Charholm is an 8th grade Outstanding Falcon this year. 

Outstanding Falcon 7th Grade 2019-2020: Eli Bethards

When asked to describe what makes Eli an Outstanding Falcon, his teachers said, “always happy, always smiling”, “He is creative and involved in the school”, “amazing student”, “ a wonderful example to everyone around him”. He always tries his very best, and puts exceptional effort into everything he does. He never does things half way. He takes the time to go over his work and make sure it is perfect before he turns it in. He has never done less than his best. 

In addition to having an admirable work ethic, Eli is always kind to his peers. He is encouraging, positive, and inviting to everyone he works with. Eli is happy to help others around him regardless of if they are teachers, friends, classmates, or someone he doesn’t know personally.  He is constantly seeking opportunities to serve by being a friend, helping with an event or spreading kindness through simple acts.

Over all, as we have had the pleasure of teaching Eli, he has shown himself over and over to be not just a good student, but an all-around stellar human being that we are privileged to know. All of this makes Eli a Summit Academy Outstanding Falcon for 2019-2020.

Outstanding Falcon 7th Grade 2019-2020: Maia VanDenBerghe

Maia is an Outstanding Falcon in many ways! She is so kind and eager to help those around her! She cares about how people are doing, and loves to find ways to encourage and assist her peers and teachers. Maia has been able to support her classmates who struggle while still keeping her focus in class.

Maia is exceptionally tenacious! She isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it and has spent extra time working to make sure she understands the concepts that were challenging! One of her teachers said, “I think she is the poster child for resilience. She has overcome a lot of obstacles in my class and always done so with a positive attitude.” She sets the example of how to problem-solve your way to success. Maia is definitely someone that will push through difficulty and rise to the top of her challenges, and is willing to help others along the way.  We thank Maia for her hard work this year and for being such a shining example. Congratulations on being a 7th grade Outstanding Falcon for 2019-2020! 

Outstanding Falcon 6th Grade 2019-2020: Kolin Rasmussen

Kolin loves to learn, share, and help others reach their potential. He has been an excellent example of the Falcon Four.  Kolin shows great resiliency when given ANY task and will do it with a smile on his face.  He works hard in class and shows perseverance when things are difficult. He gives his best always! Kolin will put others' needs above his own. He gives his all for each and every class and exemplifies what it means to be an Outstanding Falcon. His teachers feel honored to have worked with him this year. Congratulations Kolin!

Outstanding Falcon 6th Grade 2019-2020: Lauren Vriens

Lauren always does her best in class. But she goes above and beyond that by helping those around her who are struggling. She works great in a group and helps others feel successful when things are hard for them. She has been an example of the Falcon Four by showing genuine respect for her teachers and her peers. You can always count on Lauren to go the extra mile to make others feel valued and cared for. She has been an absolute joy this year. Congratulations Lauren!