Math 7 Honors (Period 2)

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Zoo Exhibit FAQ


What is the quarter project?

The quarter project is about the costs of maintaining an animal in a zoo exhibit. (A copy of the packet is available on the class webpage if a student has misplaced theirs.)

Does the front page need to be passed off?

No, the front page does not need to be passed off, but it does need to be completed prior to the second page. This is because the work on the second page uses the expressions created on the first page. If the expressions aren't completed first, the solutions on the second page may be incorrect. However, I am willing to review it prior to the student completing their poster or brochure.

Will there be time in class to work on the project?

Honors Classes: November 20th was the "work day" for the project, which was unfortunately timed with the 6th grade field trip. Students will have time in class November 22nd after they complete their concept check for lesson 4.4, but as Friday is a short day, it may not be very much time.

Traditional Classes: We worked in small groups November 21st to complete the first page of expressions. Students will need to complete the remainder of the project at home.

Are there any supplies that students need to pick up?

No, there aren’t any supplies that need to be picked up.

What should the final project look like?

The final project can be a poster or a brochure. Some students have chosen to do the project as a brochure using a brochure template in Google Docs or Word. It is up to the student how they want to present the final product. I do not expect large tri-fold displays or large posters. (I have some construction paper here that they can pick up tomorrow if they would like to use it.)

When is the project due?

The project is due on Tuesday, November 26th. Students may turn it in early for an extra 10 points. Late projects will lose 10 points per school day.

Please email me if you have further questions!

Ms. Barlow

PLEASE MAKE NOTE Early Out Thursday & NO School Friday

PLEASE MAKE NOTE Early Out Thursday & NO School Friday

  • Thursday, September 26th, Early Out 
    • 1st-8th grade release at 1:05 
    • Adjusted times for Kindergarten AM 8:15-10:30 & PM 10:55-1:05 PM
  • NO School on Friday, September 27th due to the Professional Development Day

Khan Academy

The 7th grade math classes will be working on Khan Academy this year. Students were given a login and password for their class. (They may also use their personal Khan Academy login if they already have one.) Student logins vary (typically their first and last name with no capitals or spaces) and the class password is summit19 (no caps). Make sure to click "login", not "sign up", when logging in to do the assignments. You can login here.
Students will typically be given one day a week to work on the lessons in class, with the remainder of the lessons to be completed at home. This is to help students with specific topics we are working on in class. Students are encouraged to watch the videos, get hints, and try as many times as they wish to master the concepts. Lessons that are completed with an 80% or higher will receive credit weekly.
If a student wishes to use an existing Khan Academy account, the class codes are posted in a separate post on the class webpage. Please be sure to enter the correct code for the class period.

Khan Academy Class Codes

If you are using your personal Khan Academy account, use the class code to add the class.
1st period: RAG4FT7Z
2nd period:XRV5B9QD
3rd period: ZG8R4FKD
5th period: SA6SUKP8
Please be sure to sign up for the correct class period.
If you are using the login for our class, your login and password should be written in the front of your planner.