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Rebecca Yockey's Sixth Grade Class

We are making great strides in sixth grade!  As students prepare for the increased rigor of Jr. High and High School they need to develop many skills, including: organization, prioritizing, study skills, social skills, healthy habits and responsibility. It is my goal as a teacher to include these skills in with our academic curriculum.  Students also need to practice these habits at home.  Parents are crucial to their children's success in school and life.  If there are any specific needs that your child has, or if I can support you in any way, please feel free to contact me. 

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Year End Activities

Dear Parents,


This is important information for the end of year festivities. Please read through the entire message:


  1. We will be throwing the students an end of year movie party. Please consider donating treats/drinks to the sixth grade. Use the link to sign up and please deliver the supplies to Mrs. Yockey's room by May 26.


  1. We have field day coming up on Thursday, June 1st. As is the custom, the 6th grade is in charge of hosting the festivities. 6th grade students will run the stations, but we still need a couple of parent volunteers and items donated. Below is a link to a Google document. You may sign up for times and items to be donated there. We need different items on different days, so please take note of what days we need these items. If you have difficulty accessing the document, contact Victoria Scott @


We would like to thank our parent chair Casey Bullough for spear-heading this operation. If you have questions, please contact her


  1. Lastly, for our science day students will need to bring the following items: white t-shirt, 2-2 Liter bottles (empty), cereal box or thin cardboard (empty). *Donation items needed: rubbing alcohol, duct tape, assorted colored sharpie markers.*

Thanks for all you do! It's been a fun year,Mrs. Yockey


Jogapalooza is here and a lot of fun!  Students have taken home their packets and are encouraged to collect $40 each.  The packets are due back by Friday, May 19th for prize drawings! Please only collect from parent-approved adults.

Spelling Week of 5/1-5/5/17

Spelling 5/1-5/5/17

Mrs. Yockey’s L.A.

  1. address
  2. buried
  3. commercial
  4. custom
  5. definite
  6. definition
  7. furious
  8. grief
  9. imagination
  10. impatient
  11. molecule
  12. morning
  13. orchard
  14. pleasant
  15. resources

Math Weeks of 5/1-5/10/17

Homework due Wednesday, 5/3/17 will be pg. 416-417: 1-3, 6-18 even, 19-22
Homework due Friday, 5/5/17 will be pg. 422-423: 1,2,7-11, 12-16 even, 17
There will be a test review on Monday 5/8/17 and the chapter 9 test will be on Tuesday, May 9th.

Teacher Appreciation Week 4/24-28

Next week is teacher appreciation week at Summit!  We have a lot of wonderful teachers.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact the front office.

SAGE Testing

Summit Academy students are scheduled to take the SAGE Summative Assessments starting next week.  These assessments will be given at the Draper campus as follows: 

3rd-6th Grades:  April 17th - May 4th

7th-8th Grades:  May 4th – May 19th

We ask that you make every effort possible to have your students here at school during these scheduled days and every day for that matter.  In addition, we would ask that you ensure that your child has had adequate sleep and has eaten a healthy breakfast since we all know that students who are well rested and nourished do much better on assessments than those who are not.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the SAGE Assessment, please feel free to contact the school at any time.


Math Homework Weeks of 4/17-4/27

Math homework due 4/18, page 394-5, #1-3, 8-16 even, 17-23 odd
Math homework due 4/20, page 400-401, # 1-3, 7,9,11-15
Math homework due 4/26, page 407-408, # 1-4,7-15 odd, 18-24 even, 25-29
The quiz for 9.1-9.3 will likely be on Thursday, April 27th.

Welcome to sixth grade!  I am excited to have you in my class.  This year we will have many learning adventures together.