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Welcome to Mr. Reeves' class

Hi, I'm Mr. Reeves, and I've taught for six years.   I love teaching 5th grade!


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Week of Sept. 18-22, 2017

This week in History we will be reviewing section 4 on the Northeast coast Native Americans, and preparing for our test on chapter 2.  
Each student will have a review sheet that they can use on the test.
In Math, we will be reviewing sections 1.11 and 1.12 to prepare for the practice test.  I will review EVERY question in detail with the students so that they can perform well on the test.  Students will be graded on completion of the review test.
If a student studies and understands the review test questions, she/he should do great on the test.
In L.A. we continue to work on our autobiography project.  I sent a detailed e-mail regarding this, and the project outline is posted on the website a week or two ago.  We also have the weekly spelling/vocabulary sorts.  This week's sort is #35.
In homeroom, we are working on reading, cursive, and geography!
Mr. Reeves

August 22-26, 2017

 Welcome back!  
I sent several things home for you to review, fill-out, and sign.  I appreciate your efforts in getting those materials back to me.
I will try to keep everyone informed both on the web site and via e-mail so that you know what we are doing each week.
This week we obviously have lots of organizational items, but we will also be doing some testing, reading, and other class activities.
LA, Math, History and Science rotations will begin Monday.
Just a quick FYI--as a 5th-grade team we are not allowing fidget spinners, rubics cubes, or slime.  We would LOVE our students to enjoy these items outside of school.  We appreciate your support on this.
Thanks much!
Todd Reeves

Informational Text Book Report

This is the book report form that we will be using for the April-May book report.  This will give each student an opportunity to create a power-point presentation about a particular animal, and should be fun and educational.
Todd Reeves

March 6-10, 2017

Language Arts  I will include on this post the March/April book report form.
Grammar   We are continuing our work with pronouns
Spelling     We are working on sort 9, with silent and sounded consonants, example: design vs. designate.
Reading     We will read additional accounts of elementary and secondary-age black students in the early days of the civil rights movement
Writing     We will be writing about aspects of slavery that we hate, and also working on our landmarks page for the state history project.
We are working on fraction division, using reciprocals and multiplication.
History     We are focusing on abolitionists, and the precursor events and issues to the Civil War.

February 27-March 3, 2017

Language Arts--book report due Tues., Feb. 28, 2017
Grammar     We are working on singular, plural, and possessive nouns/pronouns
Spelling    Sort 8, where a -de- word becomes an -sion word, ex. explode/explosion, or an -it ending becomes -ion, ex. admit/admission
Reading     In addition to reading groups, we will be exploring school integration in Little Rock, Arkansas, where 9 black students first attended a white high school.
Writing     Will will be working on our State history writing for the state report.
History--State History paragraphs are due Friday, March 3rd.  We will be working on these during class in L.A.
In history class we are focusing on slavery, and the lead-up to the civil war.
Math --We are working on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.  We will have a review test and test on these concepts this week.

Week of Feb. 21-24

History     Because of the short week and the maturation assembly, we miss history this week.
Language Arts
***Important reminders for LA
Feb. 27--JFK speech segment is due.  Students can earn extra points by completing this early.
Feb. 28--February book report is due.
Grammar     We are identifying possessive pronouns and always reviewing appropriate sentence construction.  We will also do sentence diagramming.
Spelling     This week is sort #7
Reading     In addition to reading groups, we will read informational text about the tallest bridge in the world, and about ethnically diverse names.
Writing     Students will write about the tallest bridge in the world, and about fear of heights, in addition to regular writing for scholastic articles.
We will do the mid-chapter checkpoint, and work on lessons 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, and 7.10.  As math builds on itself, it is critical for your student to understand and apply concepts as we continue to move forward.  

Week of Feb. 13-17, 2017

History   We will be discussing/testing various events in the move ever westward, particularly the move to California
Language Arts
a.  Grammar   We continue working with fragments/run-ons, and the art of using compound sentences to combine ideas.
b.  Spelling   We are studying word pairs in sort #6. ex. music, musical
c.  In addition to reading groups, we are studying informational text regarding the presidential election and sticky frog spit.
d.  In writing, we begin work on an introductory paragraph for the state report.  You may want to ensure that your student is doing some research on her/his state, so that class time an be most effectively utilized.
Math--We are learning how fractions make up parts of a whole.

Free Dress Day

Hi Parents,
Friday, February 17, 2017, will be a free dress day, because both the elementary and junior high students met their reading goal!
Todd Reeves

Week of Feb. 6-10, 2017

History     We will be discussing the new U.S. government, and the movement of settlers ever westward.
Also--IMPORTANT--the three-pronged binder and cover sheet for the states project are due tomorrow.  I will be showing the students an example of a cover sheet today.
Language Arts    
a.  Grammar     We continue our work with appositives, compound predicates and subjects, and sentence fragments.  We will also diagram some sentences
b.  Spelling     We are working on spelling sort #5 with words ending in -ion-  -ss.
c.  Reading   We will be doing leveled reading groups, and exploring Jackie Robinson's entry into professional baseball.  We are also reading about pollution in India and early Viking explorers.
d.  Writing    We will be writing about examples of prejudice, and weather phenomena.
We are working with fractions, mixed numbers, and patterns.

Spirit Week procedures for dress-up days

Hi Parents,
Next week is Spirit Week, and the students can dress up differently each day.  I have included some guidelines from Principal Whittle regarding this activity. If your student chooses to dress up, we appreciate she/he following the attached guidelines.
Todd Reeves
Mighty Monday               Dress as your favorite superhero
Tradition Tuesday           Dress as your favorite holiday
Where are We Wed.       Dress from your favorite country/culture
Thrifty Thursday             Dress by using your resources/Savers/DI
Famous Friday               Dress as your favorite famous person

January 30-Feb. 3, 2017

General     Monday and Tuesday we have MAP testing of Language Arts and Reading. (for about 1 hr. each day)
Language Arts
Spelling     We will be reviewing sort #4, regarding various word suffixes.
Grammar     We will review conjunctions, appositives, and sentence combination.
Reading     In addition to reading groups, we will be reading about Jackie Robinson, and some of the challenges he faced as the first black professional baseball player.  
Writing     We will be writing about specific weather phenomena, and also using informational text to inform our writing.  We will also begin work on the States' project.  
Please check with your student and make sure she/he knows which state they are assigned to research.
***Reminder for LA students.  The January book report is due tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to your ten pictures/ten stories that represent your book!***
History     We will review for a test on chapter 10 and also take the test.  Please encourage your student to take good notes and complete the review materials, because these can be used on the test.
We are learning to add/subtract mixed numbers, use subtraction and renaming with fractions, identify patterns with fractions, and use properties of addition.