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Math Planner Page (9/11 - 9/15)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
*Investigation #1
*Lesson #11
*Lesson #12
Lesson #13
Test 1A

Language Arts Planner Page (9/11 - 9/15)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Language Arts
*Grammar 15 *Grammar 16 *Grammar 14
*Vocabulary Homework Due
*Vocabulary Quiz
*Singular and Plural Nouns Quiz
Spelling *Pretest     *Written Sort *Spelling Test

Vocabulary List (9/11 - 9/15)

Words taken from Marshfield Dreams, by Ralph Fletcher.

List #2

  • trowel (noun): A gardening tool used for digging holes
  • swat (verb): To hit something with a quick motion
  • briar (noun): A wild plant with many sharp thorns on its branches
  • muffle (verb): To make a sound quieter
  • furious (adjective): Very angry
  • eagerly (adverb): Done with lots of excitement and energy
  • gossip (noun): Information about the personal lives or behavior of other people
  • bassinet (noun) A small bed for a baby that looks like a basket, and usually has a hood to cover over one end

Spelling Sort (9/11 - 9/15)

Sort #7 - Plural Endings: Adding -es
Here's what to remember when you are sorting this week's words: 
  • For words ending in -ch, -sh, -x, and -s - add -es.
  • For all other words, just add -s.
    • Tip: Notice that all words ending with -es have two syllables. Words ending with -s only have one syllable. 
    • Singular and Plural Nouns: Remember that -es is a suffix that turns the root-word into a plural noun. When you study your words, try spelling the root word without a suffix, and then adding the suffix to make it plural.
    • OddballIt looks like "clothes" ends with -es, but if you cover the -es, you'll notice that you end up with "cloth." "Cloth" is not the same as "clothes." It does not follow the same rules as the rest of the words in the sort.
add -es add -s oddball
benches chairs clothes
speeches books  
lunches changes  
churches places  

Vocabulary List (9/4 - 9/8)


Words taken from Marshfield Dreams, by Ralph Fletcher

Week #1:

  1. edible (adj.): Safe to eat
  2. sluicing (v.): To wash or spray with a stream of water
  3. barricade (v.): To block something to keep people from entering
  4. pulley (n.): A wheel attached to a rope, used for lifting heavy things
  5. jutted (v.): To stick up, out, or forward
  6. bank (v.): The higher ground along the edge of a river
  7. acre (n.): A unit of measurement, used to measure land (4,840 square yards)

Spelling Sort (9/5 - 9/8)

Present Past
sleep slept
keep kept
slide slid
shine shone
freeze froze
draw drew
sweep swept
drive drove
bleed bled
know knew
throw threw
say said

Language Arts Planner Page (9/5 - 9/8)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading/LA No School *Grammar Lesson 9 *Grammar Lesson 10 
*Bring Photo of yourself to class to write about
*Marshfield Dreams Vocabulary Quiz #1
*Compound Sentence Quiz
*Vocabulary Homework Due
Spelling Happy Labor Day! *Spelling Pretest   *Spelling Written Sort *Spelling Test

Math Planner Page (Sept. 5 - Sept. 8)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
HAPPY LABOR DAY - NO SCHOOL! *Lesson #8 (1-15) *Lesson #9 (1-15) *Lesson #10 (1-15) *Test 1A

Language Arts Planner Page (8/28 - 9/1)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Language Arts and
*Grammar 6/7 *Grammar 8
*Vocabulary Quiz
*Vocabulary Homework Due
*Subject and Predicate Quiz
Spelling *Spelling Pretest     *Spelling Written Sort *Spelling Test

Distributive Property of Multiplication

This is the property of multiplication I see students having the most trouble with. This video explains it very well. Enjoy!