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Distributive Property of Multiplication

This is the property of multiplication I see students having the most trouble with. This video explains it very well. Enjoy! 

Multi-digit Multiplication, Part 2

This video covers how to multiply multiple digit numbers by other multiple digits.

Multi-Digit Multiplication, Part 1

Please watch this video in preparation for a quiz on Friday. The quiz only applies to those of you who are in my math class.

Summit Academy Writing Contest: "Dare To"

Dear Students and Parents,

This is the final week to participate in Summit Academy’s annual writing contest. I am extremely proud of how much the class has improved with their writing. It’s fun for me to think about the first month of school when we struggled to write a paragraph. Now we are able to write 5-paragraph, thesis-driven essays with hooks and topic sentences. We’ve also learned to write haikus, couplets, and other types of poems, as well as descriptive personal narratives.

The theme for this year’s writing contest is “Dare to.” We have spent time in class discussing what this means and brainstorming ideas for what to write about. The great thing about a writing contest is that there is no specific type of writing that is required. I encourage you to write narratives, informational essays, poems, and comics. Make sure you follow the theme by writing about times when you have dared to face your fears, try something new, be yourself, or stand up for what’s right. It could even be about a time when you’ve worked hard to overcome a fear of your least favorite subject in school—whatever helps you connect to the theme. We also discussed the possibility of writing poems or articles about historical figures who have dared to do something significant.  I’ve included some links to some articles and websites to help with brainstorming. Let me know if you have any questions, and happy writing!


Mr. Scoville

Dr. Martin Luther King Dared to Dream:

Ken Nesbitt’s Poetry Lessons:

Ralph Fletcher’s Tips for Young Writers:

Read, Write, Think – Personal Narratives:

Human Settlement Flashcards

I suggest using the "learn" feature on the Quizlet app; however, you can also study these right here on my webpage.

Vocabulary (March 13th - March 16th) *Quiz on Thursday, March 16th

  1. Justify: verb – to prove something to be right (just)
  2. Anticipate: verb –to look forward to something happening in the future
  3. Critical: adjective –using careful judgement about the good and bad parts of something
  4. Maximum: noun –the highest number or amount that is possible or allowed
  5. Minimum: noun –the lowest number or amount that is possible or allowed
  6. Various: adjective –used to refer to several different or many different things or people
  7. Vary: verb –to be different or to become different
  8. Logical adjective –reasonable; capable of being true
  9. Revise: verb –to make a new and improved version after mistakes have been carefully correcte
  10. Edit: verb –to prepare something for revision by making changes and correcting mistake


  • Maximum and Minimum

Words that go together:

  • Vary and Various (notice how one is an adjective and one is a verb)
  • Revise and Edit are easy to confuse. Remember that edit means to make corrections, but revise means to make a new draft.

Other Tips:

  • logical is the adjective form of “
  • critical comes from the word, “”
  • justify comes from the word, just.
    • Justify = verb
    • Justice = noun
    • Just = adjective
    • Justly = adverb

Spelling Sort #30 (March 13th - March 17th)

Sort #30 (R-influenced e in Accented Syllables)
er = /ur/ ear = /ur/ ear/ere/eer

Math Planner (March 13th - March 17th)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 75: 
*Problems 1-20
*Pages 407 - 409
Lesson 76:
*Problems 1-20
*Pages 413 - 415
Lesson 77:
*Problems 1-20
*Pages 418 - 419
Lesson 78:
*Problems 1-20
*Pages 423 - 424
Test 14B