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Hello students/parents!

I am so excited to be back at Summit Academy this year. Here is a little about me:

I got married last November. My husband already had two kids and we just had our third. Life is crazy busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing is greater than being a mom.  I started speaking Spanish while serving an LDS mission in NYC. Learning a language in the states was hard. It wasn't until I got home and started studying at UVU, that I started to feel comfortable with the language. I have also travelled a lot and did a study abroad where I taught preschool in Spain.

The most important thing that a person can do when learning a language, is to use it. Please help your child practice (even if you don't speak Spanish). They are required to practice the vocab for 10 minutes per night unless other homework is assigned.

If you have any other questions, please contact me at


Recent Posts

Spanish update

Grades are up to date besides the few people that started tests and haven't finished them.
Remember you have up until a week before the quarter ends, to make up any work. I suggest you do it asap since everyone waits until the end of the quarter and it gets harder to get help from me.
Spanish 1 will have a written test next class period (Friday (B) and Monday (A)). We will then be working on our final speaking test.

Spanish class update

Have a nice break!
Just wanted to let you know we will do a review day after the break. The following class period, we will have a test in Spanish 1 and 2. This will be Monday the 17th (A) and Tuesday the 18th (B).

Spanish class update

I can’t believe third quarter is almost over! Every year gets faster and faster.


Just wanted to give you another reminder before the final quarter. Please remember everything can be made up or redone up until a week before the quarter ends. I always have multiple parents and students who approach me after the end of quarter deadline. I am going to have to start saying no. I feel like I am doing everything I can to remind students (especially), but also the parents about the last day to turn in work. I am going to have to say no to any work turned in after that. The students get three weeks of warning (it is written on the board and expressed verbally every class period). I also send out parent and student e-mails along with the class page updates. Please put this on your calendar now for fourth quarter so this doesn’t happen to you. Accepting stuff at the last minute, makes grading and finishing grades more difficult for more. I will be here for you 100% when I am working but if I take stuff home last minute, that often means I grade at home. When I am home, I want to be able to give 100% to my family. I hope you understand.


Spanish 1 has a vocab test on the following Monday (20th and 21st). The speaking test will probably be the class period after that. Spanish two will probably have a test next Wednesday and Thursday (22nd and 23rd). We will be moving fast the last quarter. We have more to learn and tons to review to get your students prepared for next year. I will continue to send out updates to help you stay on track of anything. Please let me know how I can help you and your student.

Spanish update

All late work has been graded if it was turned in before Friday.
All missing work is due by 3/9/17.
Quesadilla party is Wednesday and Thursday. If you signed up to bring toppings, don't forget.
Spanish 1 also has a test on Wednesday (A) and Thursday (B).

Spanish update

Last week, there weren’t a lot of homework calendars turned in. Turn them in asap please.
ALL late work is due 3/9/17.
The annual quesadilla party is on March 1 (A day) and March 2 (B day). I will provide all of the quesadilla stuff. If you are willing to bring any extra toppings like sour cream, salsa, etc., please let your student know.
Spanish 1 website is up to date. Here is a link to help you study:

Spanish 2 update

We will be having a Spanish test on the 14th and 15th of February. We will also be doing a mini project about how we get ready for the day. I'm guessing this will be due at the end of next week. Details to come. Let me know if you have any questions.

Update Spanish 1

The expected speaking test date is the 8th for A day and the 9th for B day.
The expected project date is the 13th for A day and the 10th for B day.

Spanish 2 update

Just a quick update. The Preguntas Importantes speaking test will be next class period. They should have had plenty of time to study in class, but also have a sheet with the questions they need to study just in case.
Students have also been working on a project in class (skit). After the next class period, they should have had plenty of time to complete it in class although they are welcome to work on it or video it at home. It will most likely be due on the 27th (B) and the 30th (A).
Let me know if I can help in any way!

Spanish class update

Thank you all for the Christmas wishes. I definitely felt appreciated. I hope you all had a nice break.

Spanish 1 and 2 will have a test on January 18 (Wednesday for A days) and January 17 (Tuesday for B days).

 I am having a homework packet problem in my Spanish 1 classes. Students are given plenty of time to finish homework in class. If they don’t, it then becomes homework. Many students are simply not finishing it. I gave them a warning 2 classes ago that they would get one warning before serving detention.

Thanks for all you do!


Mrs. Thurman

Spanish 2

Spanish 2 will have a review day with a test at the end next time to avoid having them take a test after the break. The dates are Dec. 15/16. These scores will not go on the grade book until next quarter. Let me know if you have any questions :)

Last day for make up work

All make-up work is due on December 14th (a week before the quarter ends). 
Spanish 1 will have their project and speaking test next week. They will have plenty of time to work on this in class. The exact due dates are pending and will be posted by the end of the week. Thanks!

Spanish class update

I hope everyone had a great break.
Just a quick update on Spanish classes. We usually do a food activity before Christmas. As of right now, I have decided to postpone that activity. There has been some unacceptable behavior in the classrooms over the past few months. I have seen things like students writing on the desks/walls. They have been creating holes in the walls, ceilings, and desks. I have seen students purposely destroying my personal property (expo markers) or throwing it away (many colored pencils). To me this is unacceptable and at the middle school age. I feel that students should already know how to behave. It is mostly happening in Spanish 2 classes, but has also been seen in Spanish 1. Depending on student's behavior, I will re-evaluate at a later date if we will do this or other activities.
Spanish 1:
Test on December 2nd (A) and 5th (B)
Here is a link made by one of the students where you can study vocab:
He said there are a few mistakes on it that he plans on fixing. He also said he will update this webpage with every new vocab list.
Spanish 2:
Store activity on November 30 (A) and December (1)

Speaking tests

The speaking tests for both Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 are on the 12th (A days) and the 13th (B days).